São Miguel - Furnas

Furnas is a Portuguese parish belonging to the municipality of Povoação. It has 70.20 km² and 1,599 inhabitants (2007). It lies east of Ponta Delgada and southwest of Lagoa and Ribeira Grande, facing the Atlantic Ocean to the south and the mountains to the north.

The main economic activities are agriculture and tourism.

Furnas is well-known for its thermal waters, including hot springs, Poça da Beija and thermal pools. It is also known for the Terra Nostra Park, a magnificent botanical garden with a huge pool of thermal water, different species of animals and plants. Another mandatory stop is the beautiful lake of  Furnas. Only ten minutes away from Furnas you can find the village of Ribeira Quente, which has a beautiful beach and amazing seafood restaurants.

You have to taste the yeast cakes (bolo lêvedo) and the Furnas stewor (cozido) cooked inside holes on the ground, which benefit from the heat of the volcano (the meat takes about 5 to 6 hours to cook, and codfish about 3 to 4 hours), and give the stew such an exquisite flavour.

This village has one of the largest and most diverse botanical collections of the archipelago.